Life Lessons from HIMYM in Quotes

This blog is dedicated to all of those life lessons we find in "How I Met Your Mother". Most of them are quotes by Future Ted.

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convincedtobeconfused asked: So I just finished the finale and I'm really sad. Can I please have a reason to be happy?

#1 - Most of the finale was written in 2006 which is why is so odd that Robin “lost touch” with everyone just because she was traveling (among other things) because in 2014 I can video chat from my phone with a lot of people around the world and I can in fact update a blog from it too. They definitely did not account for technology and social media (and medical advances cause those keep happening too) when writing the finale which leads us to believe that some excuses would not be valid for the show to end like it did. Meaning that the finale was written for the 2005 or 2006 gang and not for the characters that we have all watched grow and were super emotionally invested in.

#2 - There is chocolate in the world, and also puppies and cats and Bubbles.

#3 - Parks & Rec is on Netflix and so is Adventure Time

#4 - Once Upon a Time is back and so are a lot of other series (but maybe OUAT will not give you a lot of happy feels)

#5 - We don’t have to wait 8 months between every episode of Doctor Who

#6 - Tumblr, Youtube, Fandoms like Superwholock and communities like Nerdfighteria … maybe just the internet in general.

#7 - This video about the world NOT being so bad. 

#8 - Dancing Little Groot !

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Anonymous asked: Personally, Barney and Robin not working out was the reason the finale pissed me off. No matter how many times they said it wouldn't work out, they always came back to each other. They accepted each other's faults and worked together to kind of make it so they wouldn't be a problem in the future. That's what love is. Sure, they're very similar in the fact that they're super independent, but that's what makes them THEM. Couldn't imagine them acting like Lily and Marshall

Dear Anon 
I obviously don’t know who you are, but I love you (not in a weird romantic way but in a I’m glad you exist kind of way)
You are right and that’s why they remind me of that Doctor Seus quote about joining someone in your weirdness and calling it love.