Life Lessons from HIMYM in Quotes

This blog is dedicated to all of those life lessons we find in "How I Met Your Mother". Most of them are quotes by Future Ted.

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acidburnface asked: I agree that Barney and Robin seemed so perfect together, but I think that was the biggest problem. They were so perfect together because they were both so similar. They are both people who go and get what they want and don't feel they should have to regard anybody to do so. They said it the day of their wedding and I think its a very realistic thing they didn't work out (tho it broke my heart) but I was more angry about Ted getting with Robin after his wife died. THAT was very not cool.

You have a point there. 
But the audience was lead to believe that this was something they had encounter on season 5. And after it each of them had personal growth that allowed them not to be the same people they were in season 5.

But then again maybe you are right.

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Anonymous asked: Is it even acceptable that I hate that Barney & Robin did not end up together and I never really liked Robin for Ted since S1. If Ted wasn't going to end up with Tracy, why couldn't it be with Victoria?!

We are meant to like Victoria because she was the contingency plan if the show didn’t make it pass season 1. So at some point, if the show got canceled she was meant to be the mother. 

Which is why even despite the making her not as likeable the second time around , I could live in a world where Ted ends up with Victoria.