Life Lessons from HIMYM in Quotes

This blog is dedicated to all of those life lessons we find in "How I Met Your Mother". Most of them are quotes by Future Ted.

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The Pineapple Incident EXPLAINED!

In this exclusive deleted scene, the most puzzling and long-lingering question from the CBS series is solved!

I personally liked the whole "Oh, and we never found out where that pineapple came from…but it was delicious!” thing they had going on.
Because it was meant to be a mystery and they did said they never found out. But I guess way too many fans asked about it? It looks a little bit forced but at least we have an answer.

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becw135 asked: The video for the official alternative ending is not working for me, it's saying it's been removed :( do you have another link please ?

This is why I didn’t put the youtube version of last night because they were being removed almost as soon as they were posted.
Let me see what I can do and I’ll get back to you along with the rest of the followers.